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shortcuts !

Save time
Perform repetitive and daily tasks faster.

Stay focused
Keep your attention and work only on tasks that matter.

Prevent injury
Reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries with less mouse and keyboard use.


Our turnkey service

We create custom shortcuts!

A simple process
Tell us what you want and let our experts guide you on how to update your Enterpad shortcuts in seconds.

Examples of shortcuts
Fast error-free text entries
Instant menu commands
Start applications
Open files and folders
Mouse movement
and more: the choice is yours!

Free quote
All our quotes are free. It is simple and risk free. You'll be surprised how fast we install or replace shortcuts on the Enterpad.


A process simplified by an expert

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Do it yourself.

Discover the versions of the Enterpad available for programmers.

Regular version

Get full control of the keystrokes sent by this Enterpad version. IT managers —offer your employees a useful shortcut to increase productivity and reduce errors. Software developers —offer a total package with the addition of the Enterpad.

Discover the regular version
AutoHotkey version

The AHK Enterpad saves precious time for those who need to frequently trigger AutoHotkey scripts. Make the most of your AutoHotkey knowledge and create time-saving shortcuts that minimize mouse movements and keystrokes.

Discover the AutoHotkey version

About Cedeq

A key partner in office efficiency for over 20 years

Custom electronics and software developer helping you increase office productivity. Cedeq is proud to meet the need of its innovative customers who want to improve how they work on a computer or on a machine. -In 1990 Cedeq introduced the Enterpad™, a device for shortcuts designed to improve efficiency on the computer. Since then, the Enterpad™ is proudly used around the world, both by IT managers and programmers.

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