The Killer AutoHotkey Add-on You’ve Never Heard Of

AutoHotkey (AHK) is supposed to make you fast.

You create scripts for all your indispensable, one-of-a-kind functions. You know, the ones that no one else living outside of your head (or office) will ever want or need.

All you have to do is remember the hotkeys —and what they all do, and Voilà! Instant execution of your most common and tedious tasks.

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Une toute nouvelle façon de travailler


Tout utilisateur d’un ordinateur, qu’il soit néophyte ou expérimenté, va un jour connaître les bienfaits des raccourcis clavier, et les adopter tout aussi rapidement. Le bon vieux copier-coller, une fois acquis avec la touche Ctrl, permet de sauver de précieuses secondes dans la vie du programmeur comme dans celle de la secrétaire.


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Finding an easier way to get it done


Every single computer user – beginner or savvy – will experiment someday the benefits of using keyboard shortcuts, and adopt them fast enough. The good old copy-and-paste, used with the Ctrl combination key, allows saving precious seconds in the lives of both a programmer and a secretary.


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How to work faster with PuTTY

A PuTTY terminal is a good example of situation in which you might have to type the same fairly complex commands repeatedly. If you have to manage a LAMP server with Ubuntu, like I do, you are familiar with commands like these:

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AutoHotkey vs AutoIT

What is the difference between AutoHotkey and AutoIT? These two scripting (programming) languages are similar. In fact, AutoHotkey was derived from AutoIT. AutoHotkey and AutoIT are like many other scripting languages (e.g. VBA, JavaScript, PHP) but they are specialized for Windows automation.

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Auto-Hotkeys for AutoHotkey

Are you manually doing these simple tasks over and over again?

  1. Starting webpages like “”, “\currency”…
  2. Typing special characters like †, ‡, ™, ®, ©, é, ê, ç…
  3. Typing account or department numbers like “237UJ65”…
  4. Starting programs like “dictionary.exe”, “email.exe”, “fax.exe”…
  5. Opening specific folders like “c:\windows\user\images”…
  6. Opening files like “ToDo.txt”, “Phone.txt”, “ToBuy.txt”…
  7. Typing canned answers like “You can reach me at 800-123-4567”…
  8. Selecting menu commands like “ALT+F+S”…

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