Useful AutoHotkey scripts

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By using these scripts, you can quickly add greater functionality to your Enterpad. Those extra hotkeys that haven't been assigned a task yet are just waiting to be used to save you even more time.

Come back for updates! The AHK Enterpad already builds more efficiency into your workflow, but the door is always open to the potential for even more imaginative ideas.

Web & Application


Related to the Internet and popular applications, such as browsing, password and login management, keyboard shortcuts, browsers, windows and email.

Quick Text Entry


Discover many ways AutoHotkey can assist you with documents, quick notes, canned responses, auto-correct and templates for text processors and spreadsheets.

  • Create a letter template
  • Add a signature in Outlook
  • Canned Responses
  • A Date Stamp

Folder and Desktop Management


Manage your windows, shortcuts and desktop applications; create folders and files and get organized. Make finding your most useful files quick and easy with our AHK Enterpad scripts.

  • Remote Desktop presets
  • Toggle active window
  • Alt-Tab
  • The double-click hell