VBA Enterpad

Easily run Excel & Word for Windows Macros


Enterpad with manuscript overlay

Add a greater level of efficiency into your workflow with easy execution of your VBA macros. Time is money and the combination of the Enterpad and VBA means cutting down on tedious mouse movements and keystrokes while automating processes into one-touch efficiency. Each of the 120 Enterpad trouble-free shortcuts is available to launch a custom macro. This easy interface means:

  • No buttons that clutter the screen
  • No keyboard shortcuts to remember
  • No keyboard shortcuts to guess

With a myriad of uses (accounting, trading, project management, survey, and many more), the VBA Enterpad brings new levels of efficiency and practicality to every application. It can also help reduce repetitive stress injuries by reducing keyboard and mouse click movements.

Works with Excel and Word applications without add-in.

Installation is a Snap!
1. Plug in the VBA Enterpad
2. Run its linker for VBA
3. Create or rename some macros

Reliable —Only the Enterpad has features that work seamlessly with VBA. The Enterpad has been used by tens of thousands for a wide range of applications and environments. It has stood the test of time.

Integration Resources

The linker is a portable application, meaning there's no installation process. You just download two (2) small and digitally signed files to be placed in the same folder:

Running 'EP2VBA.exe' will allow the VBA Enterpad to link to any active Excel or Word application. If you want to automatically run 'EP2VBA.exe' when starting your computer, simply put a shortcut to it in the startup folder.

Creating an overlay can be time consuming. Not with the Enterpad. We create templates to be used with your favorite drawing software. The following templates will allow you to get up to speed as quickly as possible:

† At the beginning, we suggest that you use a numbered template. Instantly knowing the number of the macro you want to create/edit is a must.

Collection of useful VBA macros

Are there buttons on your Enterpad that are waiting for a useful purpose? Or you simply want to start a macro from an existing one? We offer a collection of useful VBA macros to start from: Useful VBA Macros