Script & Overlay Templates for the AHK Enterpad


We use AutoHotkey (Unicode installation) to develop and maintain our scripts. You can download the latest version from the AutoHotkey official website:

Script template

Instead of having to create an AutoHotkey file from scratch to put your scripts and Enterpad code into, we created a template for you. You can add your scripts directly to the template. Our approach was to keep the template simple to let you easily understand how everything works. You always have the option of adding more sophisticated code to it should you need it.

The template is a set of three files to be placed in the same folder:

The file Enterpad.ahk is where you input your scripts. By running this AutoHotkey file you will be able to trigger your scripts with the Enterpad. The files EPReport.ahk and Enterpad.dll manage the Enterpad. You could modify commented sections of the 'EPReport.ahk' file should you need to add session notification code and/or add custom cleanup code on script exit.

Overlay templates

The following templates will allow you to get up to speed with your AHK Enterpad as fast as possible. After everything is set up, don't miss our "Useful scripts" section at the right of this webpage. You will find useful tips and tricks to save more time with the AHK Enterpad.

† To start, we suggest that you use a numbered template. One of the very useful Enterpad/AHK combo features is the ability to add/modify scripts on the fly. Instantly knowing the number of the script you want to edit is a must.

Enterpad's keypress beep mute

We believe that you will get a better Enterpad experience with the default keypress beep functionality. If the lower setting is too high, we suggest that you cover the beep hole (at the back of the Enterpad) with a small piece of adhesive tape. If the volume is still too high for your work environment, you can use this small utility to permanently mute/unmute the Enterpad keypress beep.