Reduce Keystrokes

Endless possibilities to save time

Enterpad – Programmable keyboard

Go beyond the keyboard! Reduce keystrokes and automate your most common tasks with the Enterpad programmable keyboard. Adding greater levels of efficiency into your workflows and common tasks will produce real bottom-line results. The Enterpad programmable keyboard allows you to improve your procedures and metrics by reducing the time it takes to perform routine essential tasks.

IT Managers—meet your department goals with the aid of the Enterpad programmable keyboard. No more memorizing various shortcut keys and key combinations. The Enterpad makes computer operation less tedious. No need to be concerned about wear and tear, the Enterpad is durable and includes a transparent protective film over the keypad. The Enterpad’s compact size allows it to fit neatly in most office workstations.

Offer your employees a useful tool to increase productivity and reduce errors and repetitive stress injuries.

There are as many applications for the Enterpad as there are businesses that rely on computers. An overlay keyboard like the Enterpad offers businesses of all sizes a solution to their call center, accounting department, restaurant POS or industrial needs. Any of the 120 touch keys on the Enterpad can be programmed to represent a sequence of letters, numbers or functions. Templates are available that can be used with several popular drawing and word processing programs to customize an overlay sheet for your application.

Compact, lightweight and ready for daily use, the Enterpad is your key to making programming tasks less tedious and achieving a degree of consistency not possible with a standard keyboard.

The Enterpad does not require a special driver or hardware adapter. Unlike some competitive products, the need for additional software or hardware is not required. This is one overlay keyboard that is ready for use when you need it.

Cedeq is an industry leader in the manufacturing of overlay keyboards. We have been producing the Enterpad since 1990. Cedeq has the experience to support you with your project goals. Cedeq has developed the Enterpad to work with USB, PCAT or RS232 ports. Can be configured using Windows or DOS. Works with UNIX, Windows or DOS. Let us know your specific application when ordering.

Enter repetitive information into forms; use it for testing, machine control or for your healthcare function. The Enterpad programmable keyboard is the solution to your most troublesome efficiency challenges.

Software developers can now add greater value to their software applications. Offer a total package with the addition of the Enterpad. Combine the Enterpad with AutoHotkey or other macro software for even more functionality. They make a winning combination.

The bottom line; save precious time and reduce stress with the Enterpad.

Whether your business is engineering, dry cleaning, lodging or you just need a way to manage your video conferencing; the Enterpad is the key to your most vexing dilemmas.