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Enterpad – Programmable keyboard

Go beyond the traditional keyboard! Your software programs probably contain hundreds of shortcuts that you don’t use; either because they force unnecessary hesitation, or produce more errors than they expedite.  Yet you intuitively know:  if you could memorize them and make use of them, your speed, accuracy, and efficiency could really be maximized. 

The shortcut problem remains:

Maybe you know someone who can access hundreds of shortcuts automatically. Seemingly without thinking, they just have an aptitude for it.  The truth is, among software users -- especially those who use several different programs each day -- that person is the exception to the rule.  Except for the most basic shortcuts, most people can neither remember all those shortcuts, nor move their fingers to the correct keys without hesitating.

So why would a software program build in shortcuts in the first place?  Because the traditional keyboard just isn’t enough to cover all the commands that a computer user needs to access its tools.  Dropdown navigation and mouse use -- necessary evils -- can be tedious and time consuming as the user works, especially when speed and accuracy are required.

Now imagine how you could improve your performance if you had access to the most irksome shortcuts in one keystroke.

Enter The Enterpad

Here’s where the Enterpad goes to work.  Like an extension of the keyboard, it sits directly alongside your traditional keyboard and accomplishes what the traditional keyboard simply cannot.  It bundles combinations of keystrokes (like Alt+S) into a single keystroke so that traditional keyboard shortcuts become a thing of the past.

We created the Enterpad with the power computer user in mind.  A valuable tool that allows you to accomplish more, the Enterpad magnifies the power of your vital software and gives you instant rein over 120 of the most obscure existing shortcuts, or shortcuts that you create to meet your needs.

Your software is powerful.  You may have spent thousands of dollars investing in programs that make your work shine.  Speed, efficiency, and uninterrupted concentration -- could you work better by being able to access your most useful functions accurately and swiftly? 

“I´ve been using my Enterpad for over a year and the product is extremely well-suited for the job of keystroke emulation in Flight Simulator.  I use mine with Windows XP Home edition and the pad is totally compatible with all of the applications I have.  The Pad saves an enormous amount of effort in FS and it makes “flying” very smooth.  I no longer have to look away from my monitor to enter keystrokes.  I´ve customized my key assignments and made my own pad templates in color using MS Word.  The Pad is a USB device so there is no conflict with the computer or with the operating system.”  —Frank Bass

Enterpad’s Ease of Use

Field tested.  Our unique keypad is employed in over a vast range of industries and trades.  Chances are, someone in your profession is probably already using the Enterpad as a worthy solution to keyboarding nuisances.  And thousands of current users testify that the Enterpad couldn’t be easier to use. 

Sleek.  One small tool, with a surface area smaller than a letter-sized sheet of paper, sits along side the keyboard, and virtually eliminates the need for memorization and the tendency for mistakes, while seamlessly integrating into your environment.

Conforms to established keyboard habits.  Users are often surprised how easy the Enterpad assimilates to their keystroke habits.  Most users add hundreds of Enterpad keystrokes to their routine within hours of first plugging it in.   In fact, newly equipped users commonly witness huge increases in productivity within the first day.

Easy to maintain.  Windows supported, the Enterpad needs no hardware adapter and it requires no special drivers – simply download your commands in a text file and they are saved in the Enterpad for the life of it’s use, or until you decide to change it.  Ultimately you will never have any maintenance issues with the Enterpad.  It keeps its configuration forever and can be switched from workspace to workspace as needed.  Its sleek and durable design provides functionality in any work environment.

A simple USB plug connects to any computer. The Enterpad’s “plug and play” capability makes it as easy as hooking up a traditional keyboard.  This means you can use it with any computer in the office, and even take it on the road. 

Durable and responsive.  The low force switches which activate the keys allow for simple achievement of keystrokes.  With its adjustable-level audio tone, and a bright LED coinciding with each touch, the user is assured keystroke success.

“We use the Enterpad to open and lock doors and fences, stop alarms, and a whole lot more. On top of making the work of the agents easier, they are able to go on to something else a lot more quickly. Bombardier is a company of excellence, and we need excellent products, like the Enterpad.

—Serge Bergeron,
Security system Administrator
Manufacturing Operations
Bombardier, Inc.

Flexibility Increases Creativity, Opens Doors to Potential Solutions

The power computer user requires flexibility.  No one wants to invest in equipment which lends itself to only one application or only one software program.  And once you make a decision to purchase technology, you expect to be able to use it well into the future.  Who knows what the next project requires, or what software upgrades you’ll need to purchase? 

Designed for the Long Haul.  Current Enterpad users, once they choose the shortcuts they need most and convert each to a single flash key, have an unlimited resource at their fingertips.  Regardless of ever changing software requirements, the Enterpad will be the one tool they never have to replace. 

Customized to your needs.  When users customize the layout of the Enterpad keypad to their specifications, they gain proficiency at a surprisingly quick rate.  For example, all your most common tasks could be clustered at the top, or the phrases you repeat most can be positioned in one corner.   You decide – and then use your choice of the templates we provide to create an overlay that is color-coded and clear.
One simple download from a text file is all it takes to employ the Enterpad in your workload. And you can easily outfit identical keypads if you need more than one.  Integration to your systems will be seamless and achievable within an hour or two.

Easily Reconfigurable.  If your projects change – and you can bet they will – the Enterpad can be reconfigured with new commands.  The Enterpad is permanent until you choose to change it.  If you ever do need to reconfigure it, changes are quick and simple. 

Versatile.  Fingertip access to 120 functions is often all you’ll need to cover all the software programs you work with daily.  You can create shortcuts for any software program all on one Enterpad keypad, and eliminate the most common user errors across the board.  Consider the shortcuts which are universal in many programs (like Ctrl+S for saving a file).  No matter which program you’re in, the save key on your Enterpad will always stay the same. 

If a phrase needs repeating again and again, you can even specify a key for that, too.  For text programs, often-used phrases, cumbersome technical terms, headers, and sign-offs can be achieved in one stroke.

“We had supervisors on our production floor that were entering data…and this was taking hours to perform. I implemented the keypads with a button for each machine, shift, downtime, and defect codes and cut things down by over 60 percent. These are still in production almost 5 years later.”  —Bill Boyd, T G Missouri

Powerful Solutions Increase Efficiency

Use the best features in your software programs.  Perhaps there is a feature of your software that isn’t utilized as much as you’d like simply because it’s buried deep in the user interface.  Bring it forward to one flash key and you immediately guarantee its function.  The Enterpad supports and targets possibilities which you thought were too cumbersome to use with the frequency you need.

Free online support.  Always.  Downloading a new configuration takes only minutes and can be duplicated almost instantly to other Enterpads.  Our free online support is always available if your configuration doesn’t go as smoothly as you require.  We’re always happy to help you get the most from your Enterpad.

Happier people.  At the end of the day, a smoother software experience results in happier and more efficient users.  Power computer users, eliminating the shortcut stumbling blocks which interfere with creativity and workflow, will quickly see their workload lightened.  And a sensible decision to purchase a low cost solution to ubiquitous problems always makes folks take notice.

The Enterpad unlocks your most tedious programming tasks and frees your capacity to attain consistent and productive results.  Finally -- discover the true power of your software with the Enterpad.

“It's astonishing how this simple keypad has transformed the way I work.  Anyone who spends more than 3 hours a day at a computer should seriously consider the Enterpad for daily use.  With 3D systems like Revit and ArchiCAD, my second screen was always clogged with menus.  That’s no longer the case; now that I have the Enterpad programmed for my CAD/BIM software, I work faster and far easier.  It makes a huge difference.”  —Mike Kelley, AIA, NCARB, Architect, Industrial Designer

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