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Enterpad with MS Word - forstevy - 02-09-2018

Can your pad be used with Microsoft Word? I want to program keys for a specific font or type size or style or function? The next question is which one of your products do you recommend? Thank you.

RE: Enterpad with MS Word - denilama - 02-09-2018

Absolutely. The Enterpad can be very useful with Microsoft Word. I suggest the AHK Enterpad for what you want to do. The Enterpad configuration (AHK, Standard, VBA, etc.) can easily be changed later if needed.

RE: Enterpad with MS Word - forstevy - 07-12-2018

Thank you for your response.

I understand the AutoHotKey scripting in its most basic form, but when there is not a clear command to accomplish what we want is there a way to record the steps and save it to a key?

An example might be that we want a word to be a certain font, point size and leading. (Say Helivetica, 10.5pt 10.5 pt leading.)

In Mircrosoft Word there is no shortcut or function key to do any one of these functions.  You would need to select a menu item and scroll down the font name or type it in, same with tht other parameters. I can make a Word Macro that will do this. So then do I execute this macro in Autohotkey or is there a way to do it directly?

Are the commands Autohotkey commands, Microsoft Word Commands or both? For an example, what would the script look like to change to a particular font or point size?

RE: Enterpad with MS Word - denilama - 07-12-2018

A recorder will record mouse moves and keystrokes. This is not the best or most reliable way of automating something in Word. The following link was updated to show you how to set the parameters you want (i.e. font size, font color, line spacing) in Word with AutoHotkey: https://cedeq.com/enterpad/en/autohotkey/useful-ahk-scripts/set-font-size-in-ms-word

If necessary, watch the short video at the bottom of the following webpage to see how to place a script in the AutoHotkey script template provided with the Enterpad: https://cedeq.com/enterpad/en/autohotkey

RE: Enterpad with MS Word - forstevy - 07-16-2018

So far the Enterpad is working out great.

I do need your expertise on writing a script. I want to call a macro recorded in Microsoft word. The macros are named macro1, macro2 etc.
I am looking for the simplest script, it does not have to check to see if word is running.

thank you

RE: Enterpad with MS Word - denilama - 07-16-2018

epExcel:= ComObjActive("Excel.Application")