Keyboard Shortcut Manager (AutoHotkey-based)

Shortcut corner

Using basic commands in ShortKeeper is a quick way to create general purpose shortcuts without requiring any programming. The following shortcuts can be created with the basic commands:

With the basic commands, ShortKeeper uses parameters provided by the user to generate AutoHotkey code. Pressing F1 in the editor (center column) will bring up the AutoHotkey code generated. This can be useful for learning how to create your own AutoHotkey scripts.

Using the special command “Run AutoHotkey code” in ShortKeeper opens the door to limitless possibilities by allowing you to use AutoHotkey scripts for your shortcuts. On the ShortKeeper forum, you will find several AutoHotkey scripts ready to be used with the “Run AutoHotkey code” command. They will give you an idea of what can be done, and they can help you learn AutoHotkey. The scripts can also be easily adapted for special requirements:

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Please keep in mind, shortcuts will only work with the right program and/or computer setting(s). For example, a shortcut created to open a webpage with Google Chrome will not work if Chrome is not installed. Also, a future modification of a program could render a shortcut inoperative.

Thank you for using the forum to report a problem. This will help all users by allowing us (and the community) to correct the problem.