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Keyboard Shortcut - Launch a Website with a Non-default Web Browser
Creating a shortcut to launch a website with ShortKeeper’s "Launch website" command is easy. The shortcut will launch the website with your default web browser. But what if you want to launch a website with a non-default web browser? AutoHotkey has you covered. Instead of using ShortKeeper’s "Launch website" command, use the "Run AutoHotkey code" command with your own AutoHotkey code.

Need help creating a keyboard shortcut with ShortKeeper using the following AutoHotkey code? This 5-minute tutorial will help!

In the PARAM field, you could use one of the following examples:

Run % "firefox.exe " . ""
Run % "chrome.exe " . ""
Run % "iexplore.exe " . ""

Simple enough!!
Enterpad: For those who need more than a few shortcuts.


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