Keyboard Shortcut Manager (AutoHotkey-based)

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ShortKeeper is a lightweight software utility for creating and maintaining a set of keyboard shortcuts that can do pretty much anything you could need. ShortKeeper will save you the trouble of those repetitive keystrokes and mouse clicks that make you lose time, cause fatigue, and can be a source of musculoskeletal problems | Windows compatible | AutoHotkey-based | Extendable with Enterpad | Free.

ShortKeeper UI

To begin with, ShortKeeper provides commands to quickly and easily create general purpose shortcuts (e.g., open a folder/document, start an application, insert text, show a webpage, use an extra clipboard, run an Excel/Word macro, etc.).

There is no need to know AutoHotkey to use ShortKeeper, but using ShortKeeper can introduce you to the limitless world of AutoHotkey.

ShortKeeper also includes one of the best Windows automation engines (AutoHotkey). As such, it provides a special command that accepts AutoHotkey code to create shortcuts/macros (or to use pre-existing ones from the Internet) that can do pretty much anything you could need.

For those who need more than a few shortcuts, ShortKeeper can be used with an Enterpad. With as many as 120 control keys, the Enterpad lets you quickly and accurately trigger dozens of well-identified shortcuts without having to bother with keyboard hotkeys.

ShortKeeper can be set up in no time and requires no specialized knowledge. Its graphical user interface can be mastered quickly thanks to interactive help zones.

Why not give it a try? ShortKeeper is free, portable, and digitally signed. It comes bundled with a version of AutoHotkey. Everything works from a single folder that can be easily moved or deleted. It is Windows 11, 10, 7, and Vista compatible (with .NET 4 or later).

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