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Founded in 1989, Cedeq Industries Inc. is a Canadian computer engineering company. Its mission is to design and produce custom input devices that allow people to work better with a computer or a machine.

Are you looking for a way to improve a work process at the computer workplace? From minimal information, we will use our accumulated know-how to create a simple and efficient solution that will give you one step ahead.

Cedeq's expertise includes


In 1990, Cedeq introduced an innovative programmable input device to the market: the Enterpad™ P120. Universally adaptable, the new input device purpose is to simplify software operations. First sold in the Canadian market, the Enterpad™ was adapted and released to the international market in 1995.

Since the product's inception, the Enterpad™ has seen worldwide use and acceptance by forward-thinking IT managers and software developers.

We are there to improve your efficiency

Cedeq is unique, offering a blend of technical excellence, passion and performance that is unrivalled in the office automation industry. Please feel free to contact us at support@cedeq.com to speak with a specialist to learn how we can bring your custom-made input device requirements to fruition.