Automatic Control Interface

Is your mouse becoming a mousetrap? We can fix that.

Enterpad programmable keyboard with handwritten overlay

After spending endless hours on your computer, you’re probably weary, both mentally and physically, to enter the same keystrokes ad nauseam and move your mouse in the same repetitive way.

Cedeq is here to help. The Enterpad interface gives you access to no fewer than 120 shortcuts that will save you thousands of those repetitive keyboard strikes and mouse clicks that make you lose time, cause fatigue and can be the source of serious musculoskeletal problems.


Shortcuts like those available on Windows, for example, have their uses. But Enterpad goes far beyond that. It sets up customized shortcuts that really take your needs into account. Thanks to the 120 automatic control keys of Enterpad, you’ll be able to instantly carry out, and with virtually no risk of error, more than a hundred of your more recurrent tasks.

Want to access a frequently consulted file? Just press a key on your Enterpad and there you have it! You want to visit TSN’s website? Press a key on your Enterpad and bingo!

With Enterpad, you reach an efficiency level that you could only dream of until now!

Enterpad: Only advantages!

Who can benefit from Enterpad?

With myriad potential uses, everyone can benefit from Enterpad. Businesspeople. Sales, order and shipping departments. Medical centers. Wherever repetitive keystrokes and mouse actions consume too much time.

Two ways to benefit from Enterpad

Turnkey Version

Time is money, they say. So we save you time and take charge of everything. All we need is a bit of information from you and we’ll be able to program an Enterpad totally adapted to your needs.

Do-it-Yourself Version

Are you a programmer? Or are you keen on programming? You could configure your Enterpad yourself. You can choose one of three versions: the standard one, the AutoHotKey version, and the VBA version. Other versions are in the making.

With Enterpad, productivity is on the rise!

Save time — You will improve your productivity because waste of time associated with repetitive tasks will be substantially reduced.

Stay focused — You will be more focused on your work, you will not risk losing your train of thought and you will avoid making mistakes.

Prevent injuries — You will preserve your bodily integrity which can be seriously affected by incessant mouse movements.

Cedeq : A key partner in office efficiency for over 25 years.

A custom electronics and software developer specializing in office automation, the company that created Enterpad meets the needs of people who want to improve the way they work on a computer or a machine.

Created in 1990 and now used all over the world, Enterpad is an interface that improves efficiency on the computer. It does so by providing a whole range of custom-made shortcuts that enable users to work faster, concentrate better and prevent repetitive stress injuries.