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Enterpad – Programmable keyboard

Discover the Enterpad, an innovative programmable keyboard that can be configured to accelerate your data entry requirements and other repetitive tasks. Built to last long, the Enterpad is compact, lightweight and ready for daily use. The Enterpad allows you to achieve levels of efficiency and consistency not possible with a standard keyboard. Click the links below to discover the many ways the Enterpad can take on your toughest requirements.

The IT Manager's favorite tool —Reduce the risk of employee's entering misspelled words and side-step the long learning curve of mastering complex programs with the Enterpad. Whether your business is engineering, dry cleaning, lodging or you just need a way to manage your video conferencing; the Enterpad adds a simplified method to control every process. It can streamline point-of-sale practices, allow for alphanumeric input or provide for faster control of programs by gathering every shortcut key into one concisely-labeled input device.

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One small tool, with a surface area smaller than a letter-sized sheet of paper, sits along side the keyboard, and virtually eliminates the need for memorization and the tendency for mistakes, while seamlessly integrating into your environment.

Enterpad Programmable Keyboard - Application Example

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