Enterpad: The Turnkey version

Our programming department will configure your customized shortcuts!

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The turnkey version means that we will adapt Enterpad to your needs. With the information you give us, we will program your Enterpad simple or complex shortcuts.

This is how it goes: you buy an Enterpad AND a programming service, and then we configure each of your Enterpad keys. Nothing for you to do, we handle everything. Simple enough?

Two types of configurations

There are two ways to program your Enterpad:

Pre-configuration — We “pre-program” your Enterpad so it’s totally operational when we send it to you.

Remote configuration — We can also program remote an Enterpad already in your possession by email. If your needs ever change, we can remotely reconfigure your shortcuts.

Two types of shortcuts

We can program two types of shortcuts: simple ones and complex ones.

Simples shortcuts

We can configure up to 120 simple shortcuts for you. Usually using only email.

The following shortcuts are considered to be simple ones (complete list for Windows):
  • Typing copy (ex.: product code, password, email address or signature)
  • Typing a shortcut key (hotkey). Ex.: ctrl+c, ctrl+shift+1)
  • Typing a special character (ex.: ©, ®, TM, †, ‡, —)
  • Displaying a Web page (ex.: www.cedeq.com\enterpad.ca)
  • Opening a file (ex.: C:\Users\Name\Documents\Video)
  • Opening a document (ex.: Excel, Word, or text)
  • Starting a program (ex.: Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Copying/pasting some text with an additional clipboard
  • Logging out
  • Locking the computer
  • Activating the screensaver mode.

Cost: $385, to be paid at Step 3 of our streamlined process.

Complex shortcuts

There’s really no limit, apart from budget reasons, to the complexity of the shortcuts that we can develop. But above all, we will provide a free estimate of our work. Again, programming the shortcuts is done most of the time with a simple email.

Example of a complex shortcut — You want to open three programs simultaneously and lay the three windows exactly the way you want them? With Enterpad you can do so by pressing only one key!

Cost: of course, it all depends on the number of complex shortcuts you ask for. To be paid at Step 3 of our streamlined process.

Four steps towards improved productivity

Our streamlined process: four steps will make you the proud owner of an Enterpad:


Information request
Simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page to let us know what you expect from an Enterpad. What do you intend to you use it for, essentially?


An expert will get in touch with you
You will be guided through the Enterpad adherence process. We will show you simple ways to experiment on your computer using the example shortcuts we have created for you. If you’re satisfied with the demonstration, you will pay the amount agreed upon and go on to the next step. If you choose not to go further, you will have nothing to pay.


Acquiring Enterpad
If you don’t already have one, you can get an Enterpad directly from our website. We will ship it quickly via Canada Xpresspost™.


Email Update
Your expert will email you the instructions on how to update your Enterpad with a single click.

All our interactions with you are both simple and safe. You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is for Enterpad to make you more computer-efficient.


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