AHK Enterpad

AutoHotkey Add-on

How-to Video

This short video will show you how simple it is to use an Enterpad to trigger AutoHotkey scripts. For example, if you would like to set the Enterpad key number eight to launch Google, follow these three easy steps:


Enterpad programmable keyboard with handwritten overlay

Add greater efficiency to your workflow with instant execution of your AutoHotkey scripts. Time is money and the combination of the Enterpad and AutoHotkey means cutting down on tedious mouse movements and keystrokes while automating processes into one-touch efficiency. Each of the 120 Enterpad trouble-free hotkeys is available to run a custom script. This user-friendly interface means:

With myriad uses (accounting, trading, project management, medicine, and many more), the AHK Enterpad brings new levels of efficiency and practicality to every application. It can also help reduce repetitive stress injuries by reducing keyboard and mouse click movements.

Installation is a Snap!
1. Plug in the AHK Enterpad
2. Get our streamlined AutoHotkey script template
3. Input some commands (e.g. "run www.google.com")
You’re ready to go!

Reliable — Only the Enterpad has features that work seamlessly with AutoHotkey. The Enterpad has been used by tens of thousands of users for a wide range of applications and environments. It has stood the test of time.

Menus and mouse clicks rob valuable time and energy. AutoHotkey is one of the best keyboard and mouse automation tools around. The AHK Enterpad makes the most of your existing AutoHotkey know-how to achieve the ultimate interface for Windows automation. Automate character and command sequences using this effective combination. Data entry has never been easier for the end user when the Enterpad is combined with this unique utility.

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