Enterpad Add-on for AutoHotkey

Which version of AutoHotkey is used with the AHK script template for the Enterpad?

We use AutoHotkey (Unicode installation) to develop and maintain our scripts. You can download the latest version from the AutoHotkey official website: https://autohotkey.com/download/ (Click the blue "Download" button near the top-left of the webpage).

How long will it take to receive my Enterpad order?

We use  Xpresspost™ to ship small quantity Enterpad orders. The official delivery time for one Enterpad to Canada, Australia, the United States or the Netherlands is about 5 days. However, there can be some additional delay at each country's customs. A reasonable estimate is about 1-2 weeks on average.

Can key acknowledgment beeps be muted on the Enterpad?

Our keypress beep functionality can provide the optimal Enterpad experience by acknowledging every key press. If the Enterpad's lowest setting is still too loud for your work environment, a simple solution is to apply a small piece of adhesive tape to the small speaker outlet hole on the back of the Enterpad. If the volume level is still too high for your work environment, you can use this small utility to permanently mute/unmute the Enterpad keypress beep.

Is it possible to personalize the top front of the Enterpad with our logo?

There are two options for adding your company's logo to the Enterpad:

Is there an Enterpad distributor in my country?

At this time, we have distributor(s) in Australia, Canada and the United States. For all other countries, shipments originate in Canada.

Can we become a distributor for the Enterpad?

Yes, it is possible to become a distributor for the Enterpad. If you already have hands-on experience with the Enterpad, the learning curve would be shortened. Cedeq needs to know your background and qualifications. We view our relationship with distributors as a collaboration aimed at continued success for all. Contact us for more information.

How is the AHK Enterpad different from a standard Enterpad?

There is no substantial difference. An AHK Enterpad is a standard Enterpad (with a USB plug) loaded with the AutoHotkeyRp1.pos file. You can easily transform an AHK Enterpad to a standard Enterpad and vice versa. Please note that only USB Enterpads manufactured beginning in 2012 (serial number CD12XX-XXX and up) can be transformed to a true AHK Enterpad. Older Enterpad keyboards can be used to trigger AHK scripts the same way other programmable keyboards can do. A true AHK Enterpad can do it a lot better.

Other questions?

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