Enterpad (standard) - Description

Programmable keyboard


Enterpad Description - Programmable Keyboard

Operating Principles

Each of the 120 positions on the Enterpad P120 allows for the reproduction of any series of characters available on a standard keyboard. A sequence of letters, numbers, or functions may be obtained by pressing a key on the Enterpad. To achieve this, a file corresponding to the user's needs must be written and transferred inside the Enterpad permanent memory.

The Enterpad key new functions may be represented graphically on an overlay sheet. Cedeq supplies templates to be used with a variety of drawing programs.



What makes Enterpad the best value?

Enterpad is plugged like a traditional keyboard and is compatible with all your software. Unlike some other overlay keyboards, no special drivers or hardware interface are required when used with DOS or Windows.

Enterpad configuration is easily created and downloaded from a text file and is duplicated quickly to multiple keypads. Configuration is locked in until you require changes, and it keeps its configuration without batteries.

Low force membrane switches activate keystrokes, which are accompanied by an adjustable (piezo) audio tone and a blinking LED light, assuring the user of keystroke success, particularly when consecutive keystrokes are pressed. Smooth to the touch, the Enterpad surface is more durable than steel dome keypads, and prevents repetitive stress injuries that steel dome keypads can cause.

The Enterpad is loaded with non intrusive features like shift key, password protection, auto repeat, multi layer, macro buffer, variable transmission delay, escape macro, static protection, and more. Although you may never need them, they are always useful and available if you do.

Energy clean, the Enterpad requires virtually no measurable power; It costs less than 1 cent of electricity per year.

The Enterpad’s plug option includes:

Note: USB, DIN5, and PS2 function like a standard keyboard, while RS232 functions like an ANSI or ASCII keyboard.

Choose your Enterpad color: black or beige.

An international overlay keyboard choice, the Enterpad emulates a qwerty or azerty keyboard for most worldwide applications. It can be easily adapted to other countries’ specific keyboards. Ask us for details. 

The plastic "overlay sheet" cover is included with the Enterpad. You don't have to buy it separately.

Free up-to-date technical information and support for configuration is available online for the Enterpad. Immediate assistance, and the explanation behind it, will enable you to expertly make any changes you need.